Engine Mobile Hydraulic and Fuel Filtration Division

Engine Mobile Hydraulic and Fuel Filtration Division - Aerospace


The Aviation Business Unit manufactures filtration/separation and condition monitoring solutions for bulk aviation fuel from refinery to the aircraft and all transfer points in between.  For over 60 years, we understand that particulate and water contaminants can cause failure in components that can lead to catastrophic damages in commercial and military aviation.  Cascading effects originating from water and/or particulate contaminants endangers the safety of aircraft passengers.


Fuel may leave the refinery clean, but may arrive at fuel terminals or aircraft in less than specified cleanliness level. Contaminants are introduce at every transfer points include:


  • Fleet Tankers
  • Railroad Transport
  • Ships
  • Terminal Storage
  • Into-Plane Refuelers
  • Pipelines
  • Fuel Carts
  • Fuel Cabinets


Our condition monitoring solutions allows for determination of fuel condition at every transfer points. When poor fuel condition has been has been determined, our particulate filtration and water separation solutions helps bring fuel condition back to levels similar to that of refinery or better.

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Engine Mobile Hydraulic and Fuel Filtration Division

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