Engine Mobile Hydraulic and Fuel Filtration Division

Engine Mobile Hydraulic and Fuel Filtration Division - Electric Utility/T&D

Electric Utility/T&D

Engine Mobile Hydraulic and Fuel Filter Division provides filtration solutions for insulating oils used in Electricity Utility Transmission & Distribution.  From power plants to substations, our filters have been proven to help substation apparatus perform at peak safety conditions.

The aviation business unit manufactures a variety of filtration  systems for filtering transformer oils and other fluids used in the electric utility industry.

Rugged equipment for advanced processing of insulating oil found in: Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Switch Gear, and Load Tap Changers is available from Velcon.

Click on the following pages for more specific information, and see the chart below for details about the products Velcon offers.


  • Transformer Dry-Out Systems (TDS®) 
  • Mobile Oil Filtration & Storage Systems 
  • Insulating Oil Filter Systems
  • Load Tap Changer Filter Systems (LTC)
  • Turbine Oil Coalescing Systems
  • Portable Oil Filter Systems


Insulating Oil Filtration Equipment for Substation Apparatus:


For Transformers


  • Transformer Dry-out Systems (TDS® Series) for on-line processing
  • Superdri® (SD Series) Cartridges for dissolved water removal
  • Aquacon® (AC Series) Cartridges for free water removal
  • Superdri® Systems (SDS Series) for transformer filling


For Load Tap Changers


  • On-Line Systems (TP Series) for carbon removal
  • SD-718P3 Filter Cartridges for carbon & dissolved water removal from insulating oil in LTC’s
  • High Efficiency/Capacity Micro-Glass Media (AC, FO Series) Filter Cartridges for carbon and water removal
  • Portable (MP, HP, and HCP Series) Filtration Systems for oil processing


For Circuit Breakers and Switch Gear


  • Aquacon® (AC Series) Combination Cartridges for carbon and free water removal (available in multi-length designs)
  • Pleated (FO Series) Filter Cartridges for particulate solids removal (available in multi-length designs)
  • Portable (HP, HCP Series) Filtration Systems for oil processing (available with 4-way valves, transfer valves, and other options)
  • Complete Oil Processing Trailers with storage