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Parker is the solutions development and innovation leader, manufacturing precision-engineered components and systems that can be found on and around everything that moves.


At Parker we continually partner with our customers to deliver “new to the world or new to the market opportunities”. These supply our customers with more value and provide long term benefits to all, helping us enable dreams and challenge possibilities. We do this by seeking new ways to: innovate and combine technologies; collaborate in the development of new systems and technology solutions; and increase our customers’ productivity and profitability.


Parker is solving the world’s great engineering challenges, to meet human needs and improve the quality of life for people and communities everywhere, thanks to nine technologies:











Parker is both global and local

  • So wherever you are, you can access Parker’s worldwide network of distributors, experts and integrated solution development capabilities.


    In Sweden the Parker network includes extensive expertise and experience of supporting customers in Climate Control, Construction, Forestry & Mining, Factory Automation, Food & Beverage, Industrial Manufacturing, Industrial Processing & Refining, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Off-Road

    Transportation, On Road, Rail & Marine Transportation and Power Generation


    In all our market sectors, we are meeting customer needs with the design of precision engineered solutions across Compressed Air, Gas treatment & Gas generation, Electromechanical, Engine and

    Mobile Filtration, Fluid & Gas Handling, Hydraulic Filtration, Industrial Hydraulics, Instrumentation, Mobile Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Pneumatics solenoid valves, Process Filtration, Sealing, Shielding and

    Water treatment; and for customers that need instant access to spare parts and maintenance, a Parker-stocking distributor is never far away.

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    Parker deliver innovative technology to power generation. Our knowledge is global but we deliver local solutions. With a wide range of high quality components we deliver robust solutions to our customers.
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    Life Science

    Parker’s solutions create innovative medical equipment for people to get more out of life. Our components exist in everything that moves. We manufacture high technological components and systems.
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    For over 50 years, Parker has delivered high quality components and system solutions for the marine industry.
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    Mobile Applications

    Parker’s product portfolio includes a wide range of components for mobile machines; about a million products in hydraulics, filtration, fluid connectors, electronics, transmission and pneumatics.
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    For the process industry Parker delivers innovative solutions from all technologies such as hydraulics, filtration, electromechanics, pneumatics and systems with two or more technologies combined
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    Parker in Sweden has over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing systems and components for heavy vehicles.
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