Parker Chomerics Solutions

The proliferation of electronic devices has been accompanied by the steady shrinking of their dimensions. Year after year, electronics packaging engineers design more speed and power into smaller space… with constant pressure to lower cost. This is where Parker Chomerics thrives.

Parker Chomerics Solutions

Explore our integrated solutions and technical know-how as we work to meet the rapidly increasing needs of package designers and engineers.

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Test Methods

Learn about our specific testing methods and procedures.

Part Number Reference Chart

Use these tables to identify the Parker Chomerics product series by part number.

Heat Transfer Fundamentals

The objective of thermal management programs in electronic packaging is the efficient removal of heat from the semiconductor junction to the ambient environment. Learn more about this process now.

EMI Shielding Theory

A knowledge of the fundamental concepts of EMI shielding will aid the designer in selecting the solution inherently best suited to a specific design. Lean more now.

Test Reports

Our state of the art test services for EMC compliance and safety regularly tests various of products in partnership with the CSA International Agent Program - Testing Agreement (APT). Read our product test reports now.


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