Fluid System Connectors Division

Fluid System Connectors Solutions

Parker Fluid System Connectors Division designs and manufactures connectors and accessories that provide unique solutions for a variety of markets and industries, from pneumatic automation and DOT transportation fittings to connectors for water/beverage industry. Learn more about how our fittings, valves, cartridges, piping systems and accessories address applications in various markets.

Fluid System Connectors Division - Solutions

Pneumatic Automation Connectors

Pneumatic automation connectors work in applications ranging from food packaging and life sciences to petrochemicals and factory automation. With the right connections, OEMs can reduce component quantity, decrease energy consumption, save on assembly time, eliminate leaks and lower product costs. Parker fittings can help you optimize the use of your equipment and our partnership approach allows us to create the solutions you need to operate more efficiently and effectively.

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Heavy Truck DOT & Non-DOT Fittings, Air Brake Connectors

For all air brake, engine, trailer or other transportation applications, our high-performing, leak-free, DOT fittings, quick connect and quick disconnect fittings, tubing, hoses, valves and other accessories meet and exceed FMVSS571571.106 and SAE J2494-3 requirements. From fuel delivery to airbrake systems, our reliable components and assemblies reduce OEM warranty costs and provide fleets with increased uptime. Look to Parker for custom and engineered US manufactured products.

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Transair Compressed Air Piping Systems

Transair offers a cost effective, innovative and energy efficient aluminum compressed air pipe system that is easy to assemble, change or modify. With a large product range, Transair complements your compressed air, inert gas or vacuum piping projects, whether it is a primary or secondary system, from the smallest workshop to a large industrial facility. With over 750,000 installations worldwide, Transair is the trusted brand of aluminum piping for mechanical contractors.

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Quick Connect Water Fittings

Look to Parker in water treatment and filtration, water and beverage, and life sciences to help increase your throughput and efficiency, create smaller system footprints, and reduce assembly time and leak paths. Our technically superior push-to-connect fittings, valves, cartridges, tubing, and accessories help engineer your success, offering you new ways to create value. Parker offers innovative solutions with potable water fittings, plastic quick connect fittings for water, barb fittings and more.

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BINS Program – Industrial Storage Solutions

Discover the benefits of Parker bins and cabinets for industrial storage solutions, available in a range of sizes and styles from scoop boxes to open bins and a rolling pneumatic cabinet for storage flexibility. They are ideal for increased product visibility, pneumatic tool storage, metal parts and for bin fill placements at both OEM and MRO accounts. Learn more about the BINS Program, the incentives and the growth opportunities. 

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