Parker technology platforms including Hydraulics, Electromechanical, Filtration and Pneumatics

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Parker in Taiwan


Globally, the company serves more than 400,000 customers providing product and system solutions in more than 1,000 markets. Whatever the motion and control need, Parker has the experience, breadth of product and global reach to constantly deliver. Whether you are an original equipment manufacturer or have a need for maintenance, repair and overhaul you can be sure of premier service through more than 280 Parker locations and 13,000 distributor outlets around the world.

MICRO ELECTRONICS / SEMICONDUCTOR —— The microelectronics industry is a rapidly growing world market that draws upon core areas of our expertise. Our products can be used for chemical manufactures, data storage (all targets), flat panel displays, integrated circuit manufacturing (ICM), OEM tool manufacturers, solar, and wafer growers.
INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY —— We partner with our customers – engineer to engineer - at the earliest stages of design to look beyond parts and components to develop complete system solutions.
FOOD AND BEVERAGE —— Consumer health and safety are of paramount importance in food, beverage and pharmaceutical production processes.