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On-board Applications


The Application

Efficient operation of alternative fuel vehicles requires protection of the fuel system in order to prevent premature failing of fuel injectors and precision components. After the alternative fuel is compressed to the required pressures, the fuel is transferred to a Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) through a fuel dispenser. Depending upon the amount of protection during the compression stages, some dispensers incorporate additional filtration to remove any carryover of contaminates. If liquids are not removed at this stage of refueling, the on-board fuel storage cylinders could fill with liquids and would eventually find their way into the vehicle’s operational system.


The Problem

Contaminants such as lube oil carryover from compressors, condensed liquids in fuel tanks, and solids buildup during gas handling contribute to:

  • System downtime
  • Component repair and failure
  • Increased maintenance costs


The Solution

Filtration is the key to guarding against damaging contaminants that could ruin the fuel system. Installing a coalescer upstream of the high pressure regulator extends the system’s life and reduces maintenance costs. A low pressure filter can also be used downstream of the regulator to protect other fuel injection system components.

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