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Fuel Dispensing Filtration


The Application

CNG, LNG, and LPG fuels are less expensive alternatives to traditional fuels used in the majority of motor vehicles. These alternative fuels are used in passenger vehicles, pickup trucks, in transit, and on school buses and are more environmentally friendly – reducing carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbon vehicle exhaust emissions. 


The Problem

CNG, LNG, and LPG alternative fuels are prone to the same types of contamination present in traditional fuels — solids that collect during handling, water that condenses in tanks, and compressor lube oils that carry over into the fuel stream. During its transport to the dispenser, the fuel will also have contaminants that are generated within the delivery system. This leads to:

  • Compressor fouling
  • Vehicle fuel system repair
  • Liquids in storage tanks
  • Gas dispenser replacement


The Solution

Installing a lower pressure particulate filter before the compressor station will remove pipe scale to prevent compressor damage. Before the gas is transported from storage to the dispenser, pre-filtration of the gas with two-stage coalescing will eliminate solids, oil and water generated during underground transit. For extra protection, a high efficiency coalescer should be placed at the gas dispenser to protect sensitive dispenser metering equipment and prevent oil from making its way into the vehicle.

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