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Dry Air for Process Instrumentation

Commonly found in the petrochemical industry, analyzer buildings are the control center of modern refineries and chemical plants. Most analyzer buildings utilize plant instrument air.  In many plants this air is of unreliable quality. Often, due to system upsets, the compressed air can become contaminated with oil and water. In addition, warm plant air entering the air conditioned building can cause condensation. This contamination can ruin the performance of sensitive process analyzers and control valves and cause production setbacks.  Downtime of any instrumentation can cost thousands of dollars per hour. 


Process instruments utilize sensitive, air-operated stream control valves to take samples of process streams.  Instrument grade air is needed for the control systems and must be of the highest quality to assure maximum up-time. The analyzers assure product quality by sending feedback to process control valves that fine tune process parameters. 


To ensure that the analyzer building has zero downtime, a final point-of-use air dryer is required. The air dryer acts as a final line of defense to prevent condensation in the air lines. Membrane air dryers are ideal for this application as they do not require electricity and are safe to use in all Class 1 Div 2 installations.


PARKER SOLUTION: The Parker Balston 76 Series Air Dryer assures a continuous supply of instrument grade air.


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