Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division

Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division - Coal-Fired Boilers

Coal-Fired Boilers

Common problems throughout this industry include fine particulate, upset process conditions and emissions. Regulations governing the permission of new and existing plants that burn alternative fuels and incinerate hazardous wastes are becoming more stringent. BHA products help increase airflow and reduce inlet abrasion for spray dryer absorbers, coal crushers, boilers/SDA and silos.

Heat efficiency is critical to the overall operational costs of a power plant. We have innovative solutions that will address common issues with heart efficiency and lower downtime and maintenance costs. 

BHA products brought to you by Parker have been used successfully by: Waste to Energy Plants, Co-Generation Facilities, Incinerators, Soil Remediation Plants and Utility Boilers.

Parker Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division 

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