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Together, we can ensure purity that goes beyond filtration. Working together, we can make small changes that can lead to big results for your brewery.


Our range of filtration products for use in brewing and beer packaging has been developed utilizing our considerable expertise in a full range of filtration applications in beer production, from trap filtration for DE removal through finer clarifications to critical stabilization applications. Additional validation work has been completed on our products for removal of specific organisms such as Lactobacillus brevis.


Parker's brewing range offers variety, cost-saving performance, and enhanced product quality. Supported by local technical and commercial expertise and backed by a global network of technical support specialists, we can work with you to deliver quality throughout your production, storage, transport, and packaging processes.





PCO2 carbon dioxide polishing systems from Parker offer a comprehensive solution to preserve and guarantee the quality of gaseous carbon dioxide used in sparkling beverage bottling. Using multi-layer gas polishing technology, the PCO2 range includes Maxi PCO2 and Mplus PCO2 for plant scale protection in addition to smaller systems designed for fountain/ post-mix and beer dispense applications respectively.


Operating as a vapor ‘polisher’ to remove a wide range of potential carbon dioxide impurities, the system guarantees the gas quality so it remains within industry and company guidelines — preventing detrimental consequences to the finished beverage product, the producers reputation, and their bottom-line.


PCO2 is the beverage industry preferred choice and is installed in over 150 countries worldwide.

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