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Aluminium Extrusions


Aluminum extrusion is a process in which hot metal is forced to flow through a shaped opening in a die, creating a final form with specific design characteristics. Tight tolerances are required to ensure an accurate interface with other parts. The shape is engineered to distribute material at optimal locations to strengthen final parts. Aluminum extrusion cost effectively produces pre­cision shapes and couples the inherent advantages of aluminum with the precision and high volume characteristics of extrusion. Benefits of this process include high strength to weight ratio, low cost, corrosion resistance, excel­lent machining, high conductivity and excellent thermal properties.

During production, high temperatures often cause aluminum oxide to form on the surface of the dies, causing im­perfections in the newly formed piece. This damage can cause increased tooling costs, higher maintenance costs and requirements, extended downtime and lost productivity. This damage can also leave the final part useless, due to weakness within the material or non-compliance to the original design specification. Us­ing nitrogen to degas the aluminum during the extrusion process removes oxygen and assists die cooling, which improves consistency, yields less scrap and produces high quality finished products.  


PARKER SOLUTION:  A Parker Hannifin nitrogen generator is often the most cost effective way to provide nitrogen gas for this application.


Compressed air is often used to cool off the dies. However, this compressed air contains oxygen and water vapor that can damage the final part. Using compressed air to cool the die causes the formation of bubbled, oxidized metal, or “dross” to deposit on the die. These deposits compromise die life and pro­duce areas of increased friction with the aluminum, causing die lines (scratches) which affect final product quality. Using nitrogen supplied by a Parker  nitrogen generator results in improved product quality, longer die life and longer run times. 


Parker Solution:  Parker Nitrogen Generators

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