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Power Generation & Renewables

Parker is the world’s leading diversified original equipment manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, providing precision engineered solutions for a wide variety of markets including power generation. Whether for nuclear, coal-fired, gas turbine or biomass, hydroelectric, waste-to-energy and other renewable energies, our solutions reduce costs and optimise performance faster and more efficiently. 


Traditional Power Generation 


For new construction, planned outages or plant upgrades, involving Parker early on can frequently speed up the process and reduce costs. Parker offer custom engineered equipment and aftermarket solutions as well as innovative components that are lighter, safer, and more reliable than the competition. 


Renewable Energy 


Pressured to meet the demands of a world expected to consume 45% more energy by 2030, energy companies are looking for new ways of thinking as they face the challenges of manufacturing and utilising renewable energy in a post-carbon world. 


From capture and conversion to commercialisation, integration and storage, Parker leads the way with engineered solutions that are both proven and practical for wind, solar, tidal, hydro, wave, and biogas sources.


  • Sub-Micron Removal (SMR) System – Parker’s SMR system contains patent-pending Balanced Charge Agglomeration technology to maintain hydraulic and lubricating fluids in optimum condition and prevent, remove the build-up of sludge and varnish. 


    Biomethane Dryer – Removing compounds such as CO2, water vapour and H2S from methane gas for use in natural gas networks generates a 100% renewable energy source. 


    Grid-Tie Inverter System – Parker’s grid-tie inverter accepts energy from renewable sources like solar, wave and wind; and delivers quality electric power to the grid. 


    Wave Energy Recovery Cylinder – The powerful motion of a wave converted by these cylinders, creates hydraulic power that when linked to a generator, produces an untapped, perpetual and clean energy source. 


    Fuel Check Valve – Capable of reducing CO2 emissions by 43,000 metric tons annually while saving millions in operating fuel cost, this solution aids in supplying fuel and improving uptime to the world’s largest air-cooled gas turbine engines.




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