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Brewing industry

Since 1963, Parker domnick hunter have partnered with beverage producers to improve the quality and taste of their beverages. Our application experts will work with you to develop a tailored filtration solution to ensure your beverage is free from contamination and visibly clear.

As a customer of Parker domnick hunter, you have access to leading technologies to control specific contamination hazards, enabling you to protect the quality of your beer at the lowest cost.


Our experience and a wide range of innovative products means that we can offer solutions for many stages and production processes such as:

- Cold stabilisation (BREVPOR BR, BREVPOR PH, BREVPOR PS)

- Trap filtration (PEPLYN HA, PREPOR NG)

- Water filtration (PARMAX-R)


- Housings (VSH, HBA, HSL)

- Integrity test equipment (Valairdata 3 – gas filter test, BEVCHECK & BREVCHECK PLUS – liquid filter test)


In order to maximise brewhouse operations and produce fresh tasting, stable beer which preserves its character once packaged, care and attention must be paid not only to the filtration systems, but also the support in operations such as cleaning, disinfecting and integrity testing practices.

From system design, commissioning, operator training and on-going maintenance / support, Parker domnick hunter provide a range of technical support services aimed at maximising brewery efficiency. With expert Scientists and Engineers and access to leading analytical laboratories, Parker domnick hunter are the perfect partner for filtration support.


  • Expert filtration guidance and support

  • Rapid response to technical enquiries

  • On-site deployment for technical analysis

  • System design and best practice recommedations

  • System audits and process optimisation

  • Technical training

  • Used product analysis


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