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As a leader in motion and control Parker is a proven provider for the transportation sector. We offer solutions which have significant contribution in more efficient and comfortable transport of people and goods. Our innovative systems are working in trucks and buses, rail and trams.The elements and systems are designed for operation in low temperatures and difficult environments.


While many motion and control solutions for rail, truck and bus applications may involve standard off- the-shelf products, the trend is moving to providing best practice solutions for the ever-changing demands of specific/unique transportation applications. This can involve creating assemblies, sub-systems or complete operating systems. Additionally, many of today’s applications require customized components. At Parker, our customers select the level of integration that best fits their needs.

Benefits of Parker expertise

  • At Parker, we deliver tangible and measurable benefits that are designed to reduce your total cost while increasing vehicle performance and productivity and eliminating customer frustrations.

    Parker is moving the transportation industry with a never-ending line of new product releases, offering improved features and performance characteristics that are designed to deliver direct application benefits.

Components and systems

  • Fluidic solutions
  • Fluid Control
  • Racor fuel filtration
  • Legris connection solutions
Fluidic solutions

Solutions for transportation sector

  • Watch the solutions
Watch the solutions
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    Buses & Coaches

    Innovative, energy efficient and environment friendly solutions for buses and coaches, specifically designed for sub-zero temperatures and arduous environments.
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    High quality motion and control components and solutions for truck industry, which make Parker the leading choice to fill your heavy-duty truck needs.
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