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In manufacturing, the standards of functionality and performance expected of machinery get higher and higher every year. Parker has a wealth of experience, making us a reliable expert partner to help you develop custom-made components and systems for every conceivable application. There are many good reasons to choose Parker as a supplier:

• You get expert help designing, building, installing and commissioning the overall hydraulic system.

• You have a choice of product ranges offering the highest quality and performance and meeting international standards – including industry standards.

• You get the most comprehensive product mix, all from a single supplier. Parker provides everything to do with hydraulics, pneumatics, electromechanics, filtration, hoses and couplings – including special valves for steam, water and other media, created specially to meet the needs of industry.

• You get leakage free technology backed by a four year warranty on all hoses and couplings in the system.

• You benefit from our international presence with 263 production facilities, 8,200 distributors and in-house sales offices throughout the world – offering support, service and spare parts wherever you are.

Products and Systems

  • Industrial Hydraulic
Industrial Hydraulic

Innovative Solutions

  • EO-3 Coupling System
EO-3 Coupling System
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    Parker has components and systems specifically developed for every type of Automotive application - powertrain applications, body and assembly applications and metal stamping applications.
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