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Rail Transport

People expect modern railway vehicles, whether passenger or freight, subway cars, railway maintenance vehicles or trams, that they will be capable of continuous and reliable service even in the toughest conditions. Parker Hannifin, a global leader in motion control technologies and systems, offer a range of high-quality products for the rail industry. These include comprehensive pneumatic systems for railway and solutions for compressed air, hydraulic actuators, electronic proportional valves and special hoses. All of these products provide users with the guarantee of endurance and long-term reliability.

Innovative components and systems for rail industry

  • Parker Hannifin offers a comprehensive range of products addressed to manufacturers of rail vehicles and railway rolling stock maintenance companies. In addition to typical, but very important items, (such as hydraulic and pneumatic hoses with railway approvals, tube clamps, fittings EO2 and EO3, fuel filters, crankcase vent, air filters of turbocharger, radiator, oil, charge air coolant, hydrostatic and electric drives, cooling fans, pneumatic valves and ISO DXR VIKING dedicated to pneumatic systems in the rail), Parker designed complete modules for use in rail vehicles.

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Rail Transportation Systems


  • All Weather Pneumatics
All Weather Pneumatics
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    Compress air treatment

    Clean compressed air in rail pneumatic systems is extramelly important. Contamination can create safety and operability hazards. Parker domnick hunter dryers ensure significant savings and improve safety.
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    Discharge systems for freight

    Parker Hannifin have global experience of pneumatic control of wagon cargo discharge doors, working with major manufacturers of freight wagons.
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    Pantograph control system

    Parker engineered a new pantograph control module which is essentially a stand-alone “plug and play” system, supplied fully assembled and tested.
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    Rail hoses and clamps

    Special rail hoses and tube clamps meet EN 45545 standard: Fire protection on railway vehicles.Our products are dedicated to the different areas of the rail vehicle.
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    Train tilting control

    Parker provides electronic systems for rail applications. Electronic proportional controller EPP3 is used in Pendolino tilting trains to controls the degree of tilt at different speeds.
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