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Poland, Eastern and Southeastern Europe - CPS - Complete Piping Solutions concept

CPS - Complete Piping Solutions concept

Parflange F37 non-welded pipe is a safe, efficient way to transfer chemiacals, water, hydraulic oil and other fluids. When you need to achieve leak-free connections on a budget non-weld piping is much faster, cleaner and less labour-intensive than the traditional welding route.

CPS - Complete Piping Solutions

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    Parker's Complete Piping Solutions (CPS) combines the innovative Parflange F37 non-welded piping system with a broad array of piping services.

    Parker’s Parflange F37 weld-free piping system is designed for high and low pressure applications where rapid commissioning is required. It’s ideally suited to industrial, offshore and marine use – being cheaper, cleaner and quicker than the overall cost of traditional welding installations. 

    Non-welded pipe technology is an asset in high-pressure applications where engineers need to transfer hydraulic oil, chemicals, slurry, water or any other fluids safely and cost-effectively.

Advantages of non-weld piping technology

  • Watch CPS program video
Watch CPS program video

Parflange F37

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