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Buses & Coaches

Parker provides wide range of products and components dedicated for buses and coaches. From hoses and valves till drives and control systems all our solutions are focus on profitability and productivity. Parker technologies are well known by designers and manufacturers.

Technologies for bus & coach sector

  • Pneumatics:

    • air preparation;
    • pneumatic hoses, fittings also for air brake systems;
    • door opening systems: cylinders, valves;
    • pneumatic suspension systems.


    • mobile hydraulics: pumps, motors, control valves;
    • fun driver systems;
    • drive systems: power take offs PTO, gear boxes, adapters.

    Fluid connectors:

    • fittings steel, stainless steel, brass DIN, JIC, ORFS for hydraulics, pneumatics and for CNG, Ad Blue systems;
    • pipes, ball valves, check valves, tube clamps;
    • rubber hoses for hydraulics, pneumatics and for other fluids, termoplastic hoses single- and twin type;
    • quick couplings for hydraulics, pneumatics and CNG.


    • RACOR: fuel filter-separators, air filters for commercial vehicles, CNG filters;
    • filters for mobile hydraulics;
    • filter elements for: hydraulics, fuel filtration, CNG filtration

    Fluid control valves:

    • fuel systems;
    • emission control systems: EGR, Ad Blue;
    • CNG systems.


    • hybryd vehicle technology.

High quality components

  • Electrical & Pneumatic
Electrical & Pneumatic

Flexible and reliable solutions

  • With the customer’s increasing desire to improve reliability while maintaining a competitive edge, we have recognized the need to become more flexible within our approach as a systems solutions provider, providing modular solutions with state-of-the-art technology. Parker Hannifin’s comprehensive range of pneumatic products and solutions for bus or coach are tailored to meet current legislation in today’s market.



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