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Parker is an integral part of oil and gas exploration and production. Both on the upstream and downstream side Parker supplies relevant products for all processes. Parker will help you keep exploring and producing at peak efficiency even in the harshest of conditions. At the offshore side Parker supplies hydraulic systems, instrumentation, fluid & gas handling and filtration. On the downstream side Parker supplies instrumentation, fluid & gas handling and (process)filtration. One of the main challenges in the oil and gas market is anti-corrosion. Parker is doing a lot of research to find the perfect surface treatment and has all current allowed materials in its product portfolio.

Innovative Solutions

  • FCC Technology

    Flared Cone Connection – The Latest High Pressure Instrument Tube Connection Designed Specifically for Needs of the Oil & Gas Industry.


    The engineers of Parker Autoclave Engineers using “Voice of the Customer” feedback have developed the easiest and safest medium pressure instrument tube connection ever produced! Built on the experience with the MPI and QSS Ferrule style connections, we’ve taken this new design to a new level of capability, producing a connection as safe as a Cone & Thread but reducing assembly time to less than 5 minutes using hydraulic preset tools.


    The Black Eagle

    Black Eagle hoses are designed to meet customer requirements for oilfield applications. For each application different demands need to be considered regarding:

    -          Composition of fluids

    -          Temperatures and pressures

    -          Short term pressure fluctuations

    -          Static and dynamic loads

    -          Safety requirements and standards


    To be able to cover these requirements the construction of Black Eagle hoses consist of the following components:

    a) Thermoplastic core tube

    b) Spiralized wire reinforcement

    c) ColorGard™ Cover



    -          Less connections – therefore less risk of leakage, less risk to workforce, and faster deployment

    -          Long service life and less maintenance

    -          Less efforts for logistics due to more hose per reel

    -          Easier handling and faster installation

    -          Comprehensive range of hoses to cover most applications

    -          Easier handling and improved flexibility

    -          Increased Safety – superior abrasion resistance in combination with a visual indication for damaged cover

Parker Phastite

  • Parker Phastite
Parker Phastite

Oil and Gas

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Oil and Gas Industry

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