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Ship building is a typical Dutch market with high valued shipyards. Parker is very active in this market and supplies a large program of hydraulic power units. Parker is one of the largest suppliers of systems for the propulsion of ships, control of winches and supplying custom-made tubes and hoses. The focus point of our products is at hydraulics, fluid&gas handling, filtration and condition monitoring.

For our product offering in this market Parker has developed an App for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. In this App you can easily find the products Parker has available for a specific segment. Of these products you can download specifications. Via the App you can also directly get in touch with Parker. The exact name of the App in the Apple Store is ‘Parker Marine Product Selector’ and in the Google Play Store ‘Parker Marine App’. The App is freely available.

Innovative Solutions

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    We have combined the innovative Parflange F37 non-welded piping system with a broad array of piping services in Parker’s Complete Piping Solutions (CPS). For industries ranging from energy and steel, testing systems and more, Parker CPS tailors piping solutions to maximize our customers’ profitability.



    Ultra Low Power Consumption, Minimal Heat Generation and Easy Integration Differentiate Parker's New Oil Drying System from the Competition


    The Engineered System Solutions Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation announces the release of N2 NitroDry, a new compressed air dryer, ideal for use in lube oil systems that use biodegradable or mineral oil.

    High temperatures, water and oxygen significantly deteriorate oil and decrease performance in lubrication systems, hydraulic applications, seal monitoring and gear boxes. Through the use of extremely dry nitrogen gas, N2 NitroDry removes free and dissolved water particles, as well as dissolved oxygen, from the oil. Eliminating these system pollutants by incorporating a dryer minimizes maintenance and downtime and improves overall reliability.

    "Corrosion, sludge, varnish and impaired oil flow are costly side effects of oil deterioration. Parker's N2 NitroDry solution integrates easily into hydraulic, lubrication and control systems, preventing these contaminants and improving performance," explains Marc van Deth, Business Development Manager for the Parker Energy Team. "We've worked closely with our customers to create a drying solution specifically designed for the efficiency needs of the power generation market. This dryer generates minimal heat and consumes ultra low power while extending system life and decreasing maintenance."

    How does it work? N2 NitroDry removes oil vapor, ozone, oxygen and water vapor from compressed air to produce very clean nitrogen. The nitrogen then enters an injector and infuses into the fluid, expelling water and dissolved oxygen from the oil. Depending on the application, N2 NitroDry re-enters the oil into the system from the storage tank or re-enters the nitrogen injector for another loop, further removing water to a very low level.

    "Parker designed this dryer to be extremely versatile, even mobile, with a range of sensor and monitoring options," explains van Deth. "Its compact size and energy efficiency make it a powerful option for companies looking to decrease maintenance time and costs."



Complete Piping Solutions

  • Complete Piping Solutions
Complete Piping Solutions

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Parker EO-3

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