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The semiconductor market is a high tech market that is constantly in motion. Parker has more and more products and systems in their portfolio that connects to this very high demanding market. Main product groups are; Instrumentation (Process Control), Pneumatics, Electromechanics, Fluid & Gas Handling Process Filtration, Seals and Shielding and System Integration. In the semiconductor market, cleanliness and performance of seals is paramount in maximizing chip output and decreasing down time. Parker supports the market by continuously developing next generation compounds. Through extensive R&D efforts, Parker has developed several lines of elastomeric compounds to support the semiconductor market in every process; from surface preparation to completed wafer testing.



  • Parker-Prädifa FlexiCase® Sealing Solution for Challenging Rotary Applications in Harsh Environments

    Parker has addressed sealing technology challenges for rotating applications in harsh conditions. Wear, chemical attack and frictional heating are common failure modes for traditional rotary lip seals. When temperatures, pressure or ambient conditions exceed the capabilities of typically used rotary seals, the FlexiCase® seal can bridge the gap between conventional lip seals and high-end mechanical seals at low cost.


    FlexiCase® rotary seals are unique assemblies designed to seal the most demanding rotary applications where the operating conditions exceed the capabilities of seals made from rubber elastomers. They feature one or several lips on the inner diameter that seal dynamically on a shaft and a metal casing on the outer diameter to seal statically with a press-fit into a bore. An additional gasket is positioned between the layers of sealing lips and the casing to seal off the potential leak path and to compensate for differential expansion.




    Total Fluidic Manifold Solutions

    Where space and weight are considered as competitive advantages, advanced manufacturing techniques utilising CAD, materials and moulding technologies can provide an edge by reducing size and space requirements and interfacing effortlessly with devices. The design of custom manifold shapes from lightweight materials specific to your requirements is a unique offer from PFS.


    Taking the lead from our Rapid Prototype capability, Parker Fluidic Solutions developed Custom Solutions from talents in creative design and in breaking convention with traditional manufacturing techniques. With limitless thinking and 'What if' ideology PFS custom solutions in fluidic manifolds offer you the next generation of machine design, component integration and functionality.


    Custom solutions are virtually unlimited; PFS designs special components with unique characteristics, integrates standard components with custom electronics, constructs complex shapes, and combines and enables multiple media to be controlled and monitored in one compact and repeatable customer-specific solution.

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