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In the areas of heavy industry, like steel and aluminum factories, forgeries, factories for rubber, paper and plastic, Parker supplies complete hydraulic power-units. Major technologies are: hydraulics, fluid & gas handling and filtration.

Innovative Solutions

  • Engineering and system building


    Extensive range of solutions for hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical applications.



    In Oldenzaal and Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht Parker has a fully equipped engineering and system building department. Our engineering develops custom-made hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical systems and filter skids for application in several markets. In this process Parker is involved in the design process of the customer to realise the best solution for the customer.




    Parker introduces new direct operated proportional control valve series with innovative position feedback system


    Parker's new D1FC/D3FC direct operated proportional control valve series offers a completely integrated position feedback system and digital onboard electronics.


    Parker Hannifinis expanding its range of direct operated proportional control valves with the innovative D1FC/D3FC series. Its highlights include digital control electronics and a position feedback system that is unique in this power class and completely integrated into the body. The compact valves allow highly precise and economical control in demanding applications, including in the steel industry, plant construction, and plastic injection molding machines and machine tools.

Complete Piping Solutions

  • Complete Piping Solutions
Complete Piping Solutions

Parker EO-3

  • Parker EO-3
Parker EO-3

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