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The world runs on energy, and energy production runs on motion and control. Parker is active in both traditional energy and renewable energy. Parker supplies components and complete systems for traditional coal-fired and gas turbine power generation, and for all kinds of renewable energies like biomass, tidal, solar, wind and hydro energy. The main goal for Parker is to provide cleaner energy in the most efficient way. Major technologies are: hydraulics, climate and process control, electromechanical, fluid & gas handling and filtration.



  • Parker dashpot system


    The Parker dashpot system will be used to close an exhaust from a turbine on a power plant.


    The Parker dashpot system will compensate the weight of the exhaust valve plates and damps the movement on the valve plates. Because the weight of the exhaust valve is compensated, the turbine output has sufficient force to open the valve.It is no longer necessary to apply an active system to open exhaust valve plates by applying the Parker dashpot system.

Shell Eco Race

  • Shell Eco Race
Shell Eco Race

Solar inverter and Energy Storage

  • Parker's Energy Grid Tie
Parker's Energy Grid Tie

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