Switzerland - General Industry

General Industry

In areas of general industry, Parker provides complete hydraulic power.


The key technologies from Parker on the market relate to the hydraulic handling liquids and gases and filtration.





  • Parker partners with customers to improve their productivity and profitability. The following lines illustrate just a few product examples.


    Variable Speed Drive AC10, AC30 – By linking process requirements to the speed of fans and pumps, this drive reduces energy consumption by up to 50% in applications such as large ventilation systems.


    High Force Electro Thrust Cylinder ETT (Electric Tubular Motor) – Parker’s all electric, rod-style actuator increased the efficiency of actuation systems on factory automation lines by up to 65% while reducing energy costs.


    The extended ETH range of High Force Thrust Electro-Cylinders combines the advantages of hydraulics with those of electromechanics and is now suitable for use in explosive atmospheres thanks to its ATEX certification. Its exceptionally high power density (thrust force per dimension) represents a big advantage and its robust design ensures a long product lifetime.