Switzerland - Mobile


Parker serves all mobile on-highway and off-highway markets and leverages the entire Parker technology platforms including Hydraulics, Electromechanical, Filtration and Pneumatics.




  • EO-3® Fittings - The advantages of this new fitting are clearly apparent not just with its visible indicator that assembly has been completed correctly but also with its new thread technology. EO-3® can be assembled 70% faster than other commercially available fittings systems.


    Control Valve for Diesel Emissions – Parker’s flow control valves help improves air quality by reducing NO2 emissions from tractors and trucks by up to 50%.


    Compact Spiral Hose – This flexible hose technology allows for smaller and lighter systems, using 40 % less material while doubling the product’s life.


    Working with OEM customers as trusted partners in developing innovative solutions, Parker has the ability to optimise systems through whole-vehicle integration and a process that prioritises your specific goals that bring bottom-line revenue gains and help you compete.


    • Energy efficiency– Utilisation of efficient circuits and components that deliver energy in the right quantities when needed

    • Space saving – Integrated packages to reduce installation and manufacturing costs

    • Life Cycle and Whole Life Costs – designed systems for high reliability and reduced maintenance