About Parker HVAC Filtration Division

Guiding Values

Customers Are The True Owners Of Our Business

We are a customer-driven, market-focused company. We establish successful customer relationships by exceeding customer expectations for products, services, and attitude. We earn our credibility through meeting commitments and producing quality products and services in a timely fashion string to always exceed our customers’ expectations. To achieve these objectives, we:

• Make quality always come first

• Continually improve

• Keep technology as our foundation

• Constantly reduce our lead times


Employees Are Our Greatest Resource

We design jobs and provide opportunities in a fashion which clearly promotes pride in work, integrity, teamwork, creativity, fairness, productivity, employee involvement, and personnel development. To achieve these objectives, we:

• Provide recognition for accomplishments

• Provide competitive compensation and benefits

• Never compromise safety

• Maintain open communication


We Are An Involved And Concerned Company

We understand that how we interact with our customers, shareholders, suppliers, employees, and communities directly impacts our future growth. For this reason, we:

• Always uphold our professional ethics

• Maintain profitability


We Understand that Suppliers, Representatives, and Distributors Are Our Partners

We maintain mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers, representatives, and distributors who champion and endorse our mission, guiding values, and strategic plans.


Parker HVAC Filtration Division
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