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Parker designs and manufactures mobile and industrial energy management solutions such as hydraulic piston accumulators, bladder and diaphragm type accumulators, air-oil coolers, combination coolers and water-oil coolers, reservoir isolators for a vast array of hydraulic system applications, markets, and industries. Our customers appreciate the intrinsic value of our accumulator and cooler products and the application expertise of our employees. Learn more about how Parker’s hydro-pneumatic accumulators and hydraulic cooling systems offer a competitive advantage in various markets.

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    Agriculture and Forestry

    Agricultural and forestry equipment is operated in extremely harsh conditions. Parker’s Accumulator and Cooler Division offers a wide range of solutions such as piston accumulators, bladder accumulators, and air oil coolers that withstand intense exposure to dirt and aggressive media.  Operational safety and ride control are paramount in today’s agriculture equipment. With robust piston accumulators, the front- and rear-axle suspensions of tractors are optimized for stability and driver comfort. With new fuel economy regulations, compliance has become an everyday concern for agriculture and forestry machinery. 
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    The high demands of today’s construction leave no room for error. Infrastructure projects will increase globally to satisfy a growing population. As this trend occurs, construction manufacturers will see a significant growth in demand for their products. Reliable equipment must be produced which resists and endures the extreme threats that are all too common in modern construction work environments. No one can afford downtime. Manufacturers are incorporating innovative materials and designs in their accumulator and cooler solutions to help address these challenges.
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    Industrial Systems

    We focus on understanding complete machine requirements. Applying our knowledge of hydraulics, controls and safety philosophies, the final solution provides highly productive, safe and long-lasting equipment that meets all local and international certification requirements. Parker’s Accumulator and Cooler Division is proud of our proven track record of providing these quality industrial solutions. From the machine concept design and throughout the hydraulic system build, we work closely with you to ensure the best possible result to maximize your ROI. 
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    Wind Power

    Accumulators and coolers are used for many hydraulic system applications in the wind turbine. The demands that are placed on the product are distinctly different depending on the location and the application requirements, which heavily influence the product selection process. One thing is common to both however, and that is the criticality of reliability and product lifetime, as unscheduled maintenance is normally very expensive due to the costs associated with system downtime, the need for skilled technicians, the location of the turbine itself and the fact that the nacelles can be up to 100 meter high!

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