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Hydraulic Accumulators and Oil Coolers for Construction Machinery

There is now more attention to downtime and reducing maintenance frequency within the construction industry than ever before. The construction industry plays an essential role, and the goals are continually changing. Industries will develop new designs and upgrade existing machinery as to comply with current and future standards. Staying on top of technology and innovation is the only way to exceed these expectations. Overall, hydro-pneumatic accumulator manufacturers today are looking for components that last longer, survive extreme environmental conditions, and possess the latest innovations. We recommend Parker’s Hydraulic A Series Piston Accumulators, Parker’s ACP Piston Accumulators, and Parker’s BA Series Bladder Accumulators, and hydraulic air oil coolers for use within the construction industry on excavators, loaders, and other machinery.

Parker Bladder Accumulators for Construction Machinery  

Bladder Accumulators

Hydraulic accumulators are used in excavators, loaders, earth movers, graders, dozers, dumpers, cranes, forklifts, and bulldozers within the construction industry. Many of the equipment are heavy industry application-based and hence, their use involves harsh terrain in different weather conditions and at different magnitudes. The growth in the construction sector will propel the demand for hydraulic accumulators. Parker’s bladder accumulators as shock absorbers maximize the performance of a hydraulic system by providing an additional volume of system fluid, or by controlling the shocks and oil surges of a system, which is a system necessity for construction equipment. Parker’s BA Bladder High Pressure Accumulators are specifically designed as a lightweight solution for the construction industry.

Parker Hydraulic Piston Accumulator for Construction Machinery


Piston Accumulators

Hydraulic piston accumulators are used in boom suspension or ride control systems as a shock absorber for various construction equipment. While driving the material should stay in place, which means a smoother ride for the operator and less stress for the machine as well as increased safety, productivity, ergonomics and reliability. Parker’s piston accumulators, such as Series A accumulators and Series ACP accumulators, offer extremely reliable and space saving solutions for next generation boom suspension systems.