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The Choice of Major Gas Turbine Engine Suppliers & Trusted by Military Navies Around the World.

The marine environment represents a unique challenge for the operation of gas turbines and the air filtration systems that protect them. To ensure turbine protection, a filtration system is required to remove vast quantities of salt spray, dust and occasionally ‘green seas’, while being constrained by severe space and weight limitations.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of advanced air filtration and silencing systems for gas turbines since the late 1960’s when systems were first being introduced as propulsion units, principally on warships. When it comes to protecting the engines of crucial naval ships, the top engine suppliers turn to altair® for their filtration system needs.

Not only do altair filtration systems meet the specifications of OEM engine suppliers such as GE and Rolls-Royce but continuous innovation in salt and water removal has helped earn the trust of key naval decision-makers. Our altair Neptune and altair Vega systems have been installed on major military navies worldwide and continue to be selected for new ship programs.

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Gas Turbine Filtration Division
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