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Engine Coolant Hose Solutions

Your vehicle or mobile equipment relies on the performance of your engine. Your engine relies on the performance of many different elements including hoses. When you need to replace or configure critical engine components, high performance, efficiency and ease of use is critical. E-Z Form Engine Coolant Hose is a biodiesel-compatible, all-in-one, efficient flexible hose ideal for oil suction and fuel transfer applications. This chemical-resistant hose also performs extremely well at high temperatures.

Designed to handle extreme bends while allowing full-flow, kink-free performance, Parker’s E-Z Form flexible corrugated hose effectively replaces costly preformed hoses and hose/bent metal tube assemblies in many engine applications — eliminating special design, tooling and fabrication costs and associated long lead times. E-Z Form is a flexible, innovative and economical hose specifically engineered for biodiesel, oil suction/return lines, air, coolant, mild chemicals, water, drain lines, and vacuum applications. The small bend radius of E-Z Form hose allows for less hose to be used in the application, thus decreasing the overall weight as well as material costs. E-Z Form hose is available in three versions, all of which incorporate a helical wire for full suction and/or vacuum application.

E-Z FORM™ 7399 - High Temperature Hose  

E-Z FORM™ 7399 - High Temperature Flexible Hose
Series 7399 is an extremely flexible, lightweight, high temperature (302°F / 150°C) petroleum-based oil suction/return hose designed to resist cracking and deterioration from the extreme heat generated by Tier IV engine compartments of buses, cranes, trucks and mobile/heavy-duty off-road equipment. Series 7399 may also be used in non-SAE power steering applications and is capable of being routed through confined spaces where formed hose might normally be required. This corrugated, heat-resistant hose features unique, tightly pitched and precision-engineered corrugations providing extreme flexibility compared to the traditional rounded corrugation profile. E-Z Form 7399 is an economical alternative to flexible pipe hose as well as preformed or molded hose.

E-Z FORM™ 7395 - Engine Coolant Hose

E-Z FORM™ 7395 - Coolant Hose
Series 7395 is an extremely flexible, lightweight low-pressure hose designed to handle air, engine coolant, mild chemicals and water. E-Z Form 7395’s hose construction incorporates a tube that is resistant to commonly used coolant mixtures, a wire helix that provides full suction/vacuum capability as well as a path to conduct a static electrical charge to ground. This specifically engineered coolant hose also has a cover that is resistant to abrasion, mild chemicals, heat and ozone. The unique Greek cover corrugations are tightly pitched and precision-engineered, providing minimal force-to-bend, superior kink resistance, and maximum flexibility for ease of handling. Series 7395 is capable of being routed through confined spaces where molded coolant hose might normally be required. This corrugated flexible hose is ideal for automotive vacuum hose applications among many other industrial uses.

E-Z FORM™ 7219 - Oil Transfer Hose

E-Z FORM™ 7219 - Oil Suction/Fuel Transfer Hose
E-Z Form 7219 is an extremely lightweight and flexible oil hose as well as discharge and suction hose for refined fuels such as biodiesel (to B20 in dedicated and non-dedicated service), diesel, ethanol and gasoline. Parker’s 7219 flexible oil hose reduces the material and installation costs with its unique Greek corrugated hose construction, which eliminates the need for preformed hoses and hose/bent metal tube assemblies – eliminating the need for special design, tooling and fabrication costs that all involve long lead times. E-Z Form 7219 is an innovative, flexible oil suction/fuel transfer hose with a cover that has been specifically engineered to provide maximum life even in the most demanding applications such as engine applications. And with a wide selection of diameters, Parker makes it easy to find the perfect flexible suction hose for any bus, crane, or mobile off-road equipment engine application.

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