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Material Handling Hose Solutions

Parker makes it easy to find the perfect solution for any material-handling application. Our complete line of low-to-medium pressure industrial transfer hose provide solutions for primary use in material handling applications, such as transferring abrasive media that includes dry cement, concrete, fly ash, grains, gravel, sand, slurries, and hot tar and asphalt.

Parker offers complementary industrial hose designed to meet the most common working pressures within the material handling industry. Parker manufactures each hose to match the requirements of the application and never compromises on the quality. Parker offers a durable, high quality industrial hose for virtually every application and service condition.

Constant Working Pressure hoses are designed to meet the most common working pressures within the material handling industry. Choosing a constant working pressure hose simplifies the selection process no matter what hose diameter.

GlobalCore provides a simple solution of robust hydraulic hoses designed to endure tough conditions and to meet the most relied upon working pressures in industry. Designed, built, and tested to the ISO 18752 specification, hoses are available in Standard, ToughCover, and SuperTough cover options, and are ideal for petroleum-based hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils.

Part numbers:

387 Series
387: 3,000 psi/21 MPa
487 Series
487: 4,000 psi/28 MPa
787 Series
787: 5,000 psi/35 MPa
797 Series
797: 6,000 psi/42 MPa

Twin Tough hydraulic hoses reduce the labor and material costs required to manually bundle two separate hoses using tie straps or plastic sleeves, and are ideal for when abrasion-resistance and ease-of-use are required. At one-half the SAE 100R minimum bend radius, Twin Tough is the top high-pressure flexible hose, delivering ease of use and installation. It offers 3,000 psi/21MPa constant working pressure.

Part numbers:

451TC Series
451TC Twin Tough

Hydraulic Industry Standard hoses are designed to handle extreme circumstances, which are common within the material handling industry. Parker’s Hose Products Division has exactly what you need whether you need higher temperature hose assemblies, increased operating pressures, longer impulse life or maximum abrasion resistance.

Part numbers:

426 Hose

426 hose has a pressure range of 2,750 to 375 psi, which is designed for engine compartment applications. This hydraulic hose can handle high temperatures, up to 302° F and meets SAE 100R1 specifications.

436 Hose

436 hose is constructed with half the minimum bend radius and a smaller outside diameter (O.D.) to accommodate hydraulic applications with tighter routing requirements. It has a pressure range of 4,000 to 2,000 psi and can withstand up to 302° F.

471TC Twin Tough

471TC Twin Tough hydraulic hose eliminates the labor and material costs required to manually bundle two separate hoses using tie straps or plastic sleeves. The ToughCover provides 80 times more abrasion resistance than standard high pressure rubber hoses, which is ideal for the material handling industry.

Suction and Return Line hoses combine to meet a wide range of suction and return applications requirements. Constructed with an oil- and weather-resistant synthetic rubber cover, these high-pressure flexible suction and return line hoses are reinforced with multiple layers of fiber spiral and one helical wire.

Part numbers:

811 Series

811: Up to 300 psi

811HT Series

811HT: Up to 300 psi

881 Series

881: Up to 300 psi

hoses can be used in various applications, including CNG, LPG, gasoline and diesel. These fuel-specific hoses are ideal for on-shore/off-shore, marine diesel fuel and gasoline, or in-plant applications with temperatures up to +250° F.

Part numbers:

SS23CG Petroleum Gas Hose

SS23CG is a compressed natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas hose that has a constant working pressure of 350 psi to deliver consistency and reliability. The SS23CG hose is designed, built, and tested to meet ECE R110/R67, UL Standard 21, 588 and 569 performance specifications.

SS25UL Series

SS25UL hose is ideal for low-pressure service with liquefied petroleum gas. It is compatible with 26 Series Parkrimp style fittings and is made with an oil- and LPG-resistant synthetic fiber cover. SS25UL meets UL Standard 21 certification.

221FR Series

221FR hose is a fire-resistant hose for gasoline or diesel fuel systems on recreational or commercial marine vessels.

Hydraulic Low-temperature
hoses are designed specifically to excel in brutal operating conditions of extreme cold. Hoses are rated as low as -70° F. These high-pressure rubber hoses are the ideal choice for the material handling industry. These No-Skive hoses use Parker’s standard 43, 71 or 79 Series fittings and easy-to-use Parkrimp style crimping system.

Part numbers:

472LT Series

472LT: Up to 5,800 psi

722LT Series

722LT: Up to 4,000 psi

792LT Series

792LT: Up to 6,000 psi



Equipment/Engine Service hose provide maxium efficiency when considering coolant, fuel line, suction and return line hose.

Part numbers:

Series 7395 E-Z Form™ Coolant Hose

Series 7395 E-Z Form™
Coolant Hose

Series 389 SAE Fuel Line Hose

Series 389 SAE Fuel Line Hose (CARB/SORE; EPA)

Series 7219 E-Z Form™ Multipurpose Return Line Hose

Series 7219 E-Z Form™ Multipurpose Return Line Hose

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