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Production and Manufacturing Hose Solutions

Manufacturing plants use hose and hose accessories for a variety of applications. Energy plants, mills, wastewater treatment plants and industrial manufacturing facilities all need to move water, air, steam and petrochemicals, often over long distances. In any plant, you will see hydraulically operated machinery in the form of actuators, punch presses, forklifts, robotics, conveyor belts and injection molding machines.

Parker's production and manufacturing industrial hose are engineered to provide reliability, longevity, and efficiency in the most demanding application environments. Regardless of your industry, Parker can support you with hose products and solutions you that are right for you.

Constant Working Pressure hoses are designed to meet the most common working pressures utilized within production and manufacturing facilities. Specifying constant working pressure hoses using the ISO 18752 standard provides opportunities for plant engineers to improve efficiency in operations, increase uptime with a streamlined selection process and longer service life, and provide dependable performance and quality across the globe.

GlobalCore provides a simple solution of robust hydraulic hoses designed to provide numerous benefits financially as well as reduce engineering complexity for plant manufacturing facilities. Designed, built, and tested to the ISO 18752 specification, hoses are available in Standard, ToughCover, and SuperTough cover options, and are ideal for petroleum-based hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils.

GlobalCore 187: 1,000 psi/7 MPa
187: 1,000 psi/7 MPa
GlobalCore 387: 3,000 psi/21 MPa
387: 3,000 psi/21 MPa
GlobalCore 487: 4,000 psi/28 MPa
487: 4,000 psi/28 MPa

GlobalCore 722: 4,000 psi/28 MPa
722: 4,000 psi/28 MPa

GlobalCore 787: 5,000 psi/35 MPa
787: 5,000 psi/35 MPa

GlobalCore 797: 6,000 psi/42 MPa
797: 6,000 psi/42 MPa

Push-Lok Assemblies
Premium products and leak-free solutions are what you’ll get with every Parker Push-Lok hose and fitting system. A comprehensive line of high-quality, low-pressure hydraulic hose and fittings, Push-Lok assemblies can be made in seconds without any special tooling, saving valuable time and cost. And with Parker's exclusive color-code system, you can inventory, maintain and identify your hose needs easily and efficiently within a plant or manufacturing facility.

801 Multipurpose Hose from Parker

801: Multipurpose hose with a temperature range of up to 257° F

Crimping Equipment
Parker delivers exceptional quality and reliability when it comes to equipment and tooling. Factory-quality hose assemblies can be quickly, easily, and cost effectively manufactured with Parker's industry leading hose crimping equipment. Parker's Parkrimp-style crimpers are designed to crimp fittings to the proper diameter every time. Designed to produce accurate crimps from the first time it's used, Parkrimp crimpers require no calibration and continuously produce proper crimps, time after time.

Karrykrimp Crimping Machine from Parker

Karrykrimp: The Karrykrimp modular design gives users the flexibility of a portable crimper with the advantages of increased productivity when connected to the stationary power unit. Parker's Karrykrimp models can crimp straight or bent-stem steel fittings from 5/8" to 1 ¼" in diameter.

Parker's Karrykrimp 2 Compact Crimping Machine

Karrykrimp 2: The Karrykrimp 2 is a portable, compact and ruggedly built crimper that is an economic alternative for the self-assembly of Parker's hose and fittings. Parker's Karrykrimp 2 models can crimp Parkrimp style straight or bent-stem stainless and stainless steel fittings up to 1 ¼" in diameter.

Parkrimp 2 Bench Mounted Crimper

Parkrimp 2: The Parkrimp 2 is Parker's largest and most versatile bench mounted crimper that comes in either single phase or three phase electric. Parker's Parkrimp 2 models can crimp straight or bent-stem steel and stainless steel fittings from ¼” to 2".

Hydraulic Hose Workstations from Parker Hose Products Division
Hydraulic Hose Workstations

Many industrial facilities as well as manufacturing plants make use of hose accessories to help organize and clean work areas and increase efficiency. Parker offers a wide array of hose assembly workstation components including hose reels, hose assembly work stations such as hose fabrication tables, fitting cabinets, as well as hose bins, and hose die storage racks.

Asset Management System from Parker
Asset Management System

Parker Tracking System for critical asset management

Today's equipment and machines are more connected than ever before and harnessing this complex data is key to maximizing up-time. By focusing on critical-wear components, Parker drives new levels of productivity, efficiency, and reliability. Parker Tracking System (PTS), which is an innovative component-tagging and tracking solution, helps users record, manage, and retrieve all critical asset information quickly and accurately, allowing for faster, easier, and more exact ordering of replacement parts and assemblies for facility plants.




Equipment/Engine Service hose provide maxium efficiency when considering coolant, fuel line, suction and return line hose.

Part numbers:

Series 7395 E-Z Form™ Coolant Hose

Series 7395 E-Z Form™
Coolant Hose

Series 389 SAE Fuel Line Hose

Series 389 SAE Fuel Line Hose (CARB/SORE; EPA)

Series 7219 E-Z Form™ Multipurpose Return Line Hose

Series 7219 E-Z Form™ Multipurpose Return Line Hose

General/Multiple Purpose Service provide safe, productive transfer of air, water, mild chemicals, fuel and oil.

Part numbers:

Series GST® II General Purpose Hose

Series GST® II
General Purpose Hose

Series 7212 Jiffy™ Push-On Hose

Series 7212 Jiffy™
Push-On Hose

Series 7094 MPT® II Multipurpose Hose

Series 7094 MPT® II
Multipurpose Hose

Series 7095 MPT® II Multipurpose Hose

Series 7095 MPT® II
Multipurpose Hose

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