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Parker Hannifin, the pioneer in compressed air aluminum piping systems, builds on its history of innovation by manufacturing the largest range of diameters and products through its Transair® line. Transair offers a cost effective, innovative and energy efficient aluminum compressed air pipe system that is easy to assemble, change or modify.

With a large product range, Transair complements your compressed air, inert gas or vacuum piping projects, whether it is a primary or secondary system, from the smallest workshop to a large industrial facility. With over 750,000 installations worldwide, Transair is the trusted brand of aluminum piping, quick connect fittings, condition monitoring sensors and software. View a selection of our featured products below.

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Parker Transair Aluminum Pipe

Aluminum Pipe for compressed air systems

Transair aluminum pipe for compressed air, vacuum and inert gas systems offers the advantages of being lightweight, strong and corrosion-resistant. Transair pipe and fittings are reusable, allowing for quick system modifications. All connectors are 100% recyclable, silicone-free, and made of non-flammable materials.

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Parker Transair Connectors, Quick connect Fittings

Connectors – Quick Connect Fittings Technology

Transair's various quick-connect fittings take into account the specific requirements of each diameter and provide the user with an optimum safety coefficient and easy connection. The quick connection technology of Transair allows systems to be modified and reconfigured within minutes, instead of hours or days with traditional materials. This technology minimizes production downtime and increases process productivity and efficiency.

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Parker Transair Condition Monitoring Sensors, Software, Hardware

Transair Condition Monitoring Sensors, Software & Hardware

Transair Conditioning Monitoring's wireless sensors and cloud-based software allows you to monitor your compressed air system remotely and from anywhere. With our line of pressure/vacuum, humidity, temperature, power, and flow sensors you can prevent costly downtime while identifying system improvement areas.

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    Automotive - Parker Transair Piping Systems

    Parker’s Transair aluminum piping range provides unmatched functionality for large scale automotive plants as well as local repair shops and home garages. Available from ½ inch to 6 inches in diameter, Transair piping is ideal for compressed air, vacuum, and inert gas applications. Due to Transair’s aluminum construction, the aluminum air pipe interior will never corrode. The Qualicoat certified exterior finish protects the pipe from environmental hazards. Ideal for painting applications, Transair connectors feature a silicone-free design.
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    Food & Beverage - Parker Transair Piping Systems

    Parker’s Transair aluminum piping will deliver a clean, efficient supply of compressed air to automate a process, provide motive power or generate other gases. Due to the chemical make-up of aluminum, Transair piping will not contaminate the air generated by the air compressor on its way to the packaging station. Aluminum is also corrosion resistant, so the integrity of Transair Aluminum piping will not deteriorate over time like in traditional steel and black iron systems.
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    Material Handling - Parker Transair Piping Systems

    Parker’s Transair aluminum piping system makes installing material handling systems fast and easy. Most conveyors are installed using Transair’s push to connect (1/2”, 1”, or 1-1/2”) diameters. Installation of our push to connect technology is hassle-free. Just mark the pipe and insert the connector to the marked line. Installation costs are reduced over the traditional systems of copper and steel, because specialized labor is not required for Transair installations. (i.e. no need for a fire watcher)
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