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Parker Fluid System Connectors Division offers push-to-connect, function, and brass fittings as well as couplers and accessories for pneumatic automation, potable water, and aggressive service applications. Our partnership approach allows us to work together to create the solutions you need to operate more efficiently and effectively. Our pneumatic fittings and valves help customers improve throughput, increase efficiency, design smaller footprints, achieve faster assembly, and provide connections with reduced leak paths.

When a line or machine stops due to a defective part, the cost of the downtime is greater than the cost of all the connectors. That’s why we guarantee the quality and traceability of every pneumatic connector we sell. And why our products meet or exceed both national and international standards. View a selection of our featured Prestolok push-to-connect fittings and flow control valves below.

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Parker Prestolok PLP Nickel-Plated Brass Fittings

Prestolok PLP Nickel-Plated Brass Fittings

Parker Prestolok PLP nickel-plated brass fittings reduce assembly time by eliminating the use of a sleeve and tightening of a nut required in compression style fittings. Simply push the tubing into the fitting until it bottoms. To disassemble, press the release button, hold against the body and pull tubing from the fitting. A thread sealant is applied to all male threads eliminating the possibility of system contamination from PTFE tape.

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Parker Prestolok PLP Composite Fittings

Prestolok PLP Composite Fittings

Composite push-to-connect fittings provide a simple way of connecting tubes to a fitting. Parker Prestolok composite fittings reduce assembly time by eliminating the use of a sleeve and tightening of a nut. All Prestolok PLP composite fittings are 100% leak tested and date coded to guarantee quality and traceability.

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Parker Prestolok PLM Metal Fittings

Prestolok PLM Metal Fittings

Parker's Prestolok PLM fittings have a high phosphorous, FDA compliant, electroless nickel plating which is resistant to water, harsh detergents and other aggressive fluids. Prestolok PLM fittings are fitted with a FKM O-ring protected by a washer and can be used with all liquid and gaseous fluids compatible with these components. Prestolok PLM fittings reduce assembly time by eliminating the use of a sleeve and tightening of a nut required in compression style fittings.

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Parker Prestolok PLS Stainless Steel Fittings

Prestolok PLS Stainless Steel Tube Fittings

Fittings that come in contact with food must be corrosion resistant, non-toxic, non-absorbent and capable of being washed down and disinfected. Parker's Prestolok PLS Stainless Steel fittings have a 316L stainless steel body and washer and a 303L stainless steel collet. The Prestolok PLS fitting uses nutriment grade materials and USDA NSF H1 grease conforming to FDA standards, permitting permanent contact with food. Prestolok PLS has a hygienic design aimed at reducing retention zones for safe and easy cleaning.

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Parker Flow Control Valves

Flow Control Valves

Parker flow control regulators offer precise adjustment, accuracy and compactness providing the solution for all applications. Flow control regulators are available with polymer or nickel-plated brass bodies and external or recessed adjustment screws. By allowing a higher maximum flow than standard regulators as well as precise adjustment, this range of flow control regulators helps you improve your productivity and performance with accuracy.

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