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Transportation Connectors

For all air brake, engine, trailer or other transportation applications, Parker's high-performing, leak-free, DOT fittings, tubing, hoses, valves and other accessories meet and exceed FMVSS571571.106 and SAE J2494-3 requirements. From fuel delivery to airbrake systems, our reliable components and assemblies reduce OEM warranty costs and provide fleets with increased uptime. Look to Parker for custom and engineered, US-manufactured products. You can view a selection of Parker’s DOT push-to-connect composite and brass fittings and the compression style air brake fittings below.

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Parker Composite PTC Fitting

Composite Push-To-Connect Fittings

Parker's push-to-connect (PTC) fitting is a composite push-to-connect air brake fitting that meets D.O.T. and SAE specifications and reduces assembly time versus compression-style fittings. Engineered to meet the demands of all truck/trailer, mobile, and rail systems worldwide, Parker’s PTC fittings reduce assembly time versus compression-style fittings by 90%..

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Parker Brass PTC Fitting

Brass Push-To-Connect Fittings

Being the world's leader in leak-free technologies, Parker's Prestomatic fitting is a robust, all brass push-to-connect air brake fitting that meets SAE and D.O.T. specifications. Designed for all D.O.T. truck and trailer applications, Prestomatic’s innovative collet design ensures positive grip on the tubing and the rigid stainless steel tube support stays in place for superior side load leakage resistance. The Brass PTC Fitting is ideal for use in air brake systems on semi-trucks, trailers, buses, mobile equipment, and farm implements.

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Parker NTA Brass Compression Fitting

NTA Brass Compression Fitting

Parker's NTA DOT compression style air brake fittings are DOT-approved brake line compression fittings meeting D.O.T. FMVSS 571.106 specifications and the functional requirements of SAE J246 and SAE J1131. NTA fittings have a pre-applied thread sealant on all male pipe threads. Electroless nickel-plated bodies can be used with bio-diesel. All Prestolok PLM fittings are 100% leak tested and date coded to guarantee quality and traceability.

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