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Fluid System Connectors Division

Fluid System Connectors Division - Material Handling - Parker Transair Piping Systems

Material Handling - Parker Transair Piping Systems

Parker Transair’s push-to-connect technology simplifies the installation of compressed air lines on material handling equipment. Available in 1/2”, 1”, and 1-1/2” diameters, Transair push-to-connect connectors are easy to install, just mark the insertion depth on the pipe and push the connector onto the pipe until the connector meets the line. Specialized labor is not required with Transair pipe installation – reducing installation times and costs.

Transair compressed air piping is made from powder-coated aluminum, delivering corrosion-resistant pipes, unlike traditional steel piping. This resistance reduces the chance for pipe blockages from rust and pipe scale that traditional piping suffers from and that causes pressure drops in the compressed air system. All Transair aluminum pipes are factory coated with a Qualicoat® certified coating for superior environmental hazard protection.

The modular, lightweight design of Transair compressed air piping systems makes reconfiguring conveyor lines quick and easy. All Transair products are reusable, meaning the compressed air system can be disassembled and reconfigured using the existing components. Transair seamlessly integrates into copper and steel systems, preventing a complete facility re-piping to use Transair powered conveyers in an existing warehouse. The weight of Transair aluminum makes moving and reconfiguring conveyor lines less of a chore. For example, a 20 foot, 6” diameter piece of steel piping weighs roughly 380 pounds. A 20 foot, 6” diameter piece of Transair only weighs 64 pounds! Transair compressed air connectors provide a tight seal to prevent leaks in the system.

To monitor a facility’s compressed air system for inefficiencies, Parker offers the Transair Condition Monitoring (TCM) system. Powered by wireless sensors, TCM will provide data on air pressure, humidity, temperature, flow, and power consumption. Using the cloud-based dashboard, customizable alerts can be created to notify the facility / maintenance manager of potential problems – reducing downtime and re-work.

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