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Fluid System Connectors Division

Fluid System Connectors Division - Food & Beverage - Parker Transair Piping Systems

Food & Beverage - Parker Transair Piping Systems

Parker’s Transair aluminum piping delivers a clean, efficient supply of compressed air to automate production processes or generate gases. Transair aluminum piping meets the ISO 8573 certification for air quality. Due to the clean aluminum construction, Transair compressed air piping will not introduce new contaminates into the air supply on its way to the packaging station as traditional steel systems often do. The air quality generated in the compressor room will be maintained to the point of use in a Transair compressed air piping system. The aluminum construction also makes Transair more resistant to corrosion compared to the traditional systems of steel and black iron.

Transair aluminum piping easily integrates into existing copper, steel, and black iron compressed air systems. The existing compressed air system does not need to be replaced when expanding, reconfiguring, or upgrading the facility. When the production lines need to be reconfigured for new products, Transair aluminum piping systems can easily be modified to conform to the production needs. The modular, light-weight design of Transair, means compressed air networks are installed fast, preventing long plant shut-downs. A new compressed air line installs in 15 minutes or less. Transair does not require specialized labor to install. Parker’s team of professionals will train the maintenance staff on proper installation. This allows for most compressed air system modifications to be installed during the plant’s regularly scheduled downtime.

Parker’s Transair aluminum piping can also be used in inert gas and vacuum applications. A growing trend in the food and beverage industry is the use of Nitrogen in food packaging applications. Parker offers the Nitrosource Nitrogen generator for on-site generation. Transair green aluminum piping is the perfect means to conveys the on-site generated Nitrogen to the point of use.

Transair’s leak-free design ensures pressure drops will be at a minimum protecting the process-critical functions in the facility. The reduction in leaks will increase systems efficiencies and decrease utility costs.

To monitor the facility’s compressed air system for inefficiencies, Parker offers the Transair Condition Monitoring (TCM) system. Powered by wireless sensors, TCM will provide data on air pressure, humidity, temperature, flow, and power consumption. Using the cloud-based dashboard, customizable alerts can be created to notify the facility / maintenance manager of potential problems – reducing downtime and re-work.

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