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Parker’s Transair compressed air aluminum piping system provides unmatched functionality for large scale automotive plants as well as local repair shops and home garages. Available from 1/2 inch to 6 inches in diameter, Transair piping can be used for compressed air, vacuum, and inert gas applications. The aluminum construction of Transair piping provides an extra level of corrosion resistance over the traditional steel and black iron piping systems. A Qualicoat® certified exterior finish, protects the pipe from most environmental hazards. Ideal for painting applications, Transair connectors for aluminum pipe feature a silicone-free design.


Automotive Assembly Plants

Transair’s modular design allows for quick and easy assembly and reconfiguration of a compressed air system. A new compressed air drop can be added in under 15 minutes. Transair compressed air pipes and fittings are reusable, making reconfiguring the compressed air lines to match the assembly line needs hassle-free. Transair aluminum pipe systems will maintain the quality of air generated by the compressor and air treatment system. The air quality generated at the compressor room will be the same at the point of use in a Transair system. This makes Transair an ideal piping choice for quality-controlled processes like painting and assembly robots. For robotic welding cells, Transair can convey non-flammable inert gases.


To monitor the facility’s compressed air system, Transair offers the Transair Condition Monitoring (TCM) system. Powered by wireless sensors, TCM will provide data on pressure, humidity, temperature, flow, and power consumption. Using the cloud-based dashboard, customizable alerts can be created to notify the facility / maintenance manager of potential problems – reducing downtime and re-work.


Local Repair Shop / Home Garage

The 1/2”, 1”, and 1-1/2” Transair compressed air piping features a push to connect connection technology. To install, just mark the pipe and insert the connector until it aligns with the mark. The 1” compressed air pipe is sufficient for most repair shop air compressors. Due to the simplicity to install,  Transair push to connect diameters can be installed without specialized labor, thus saving on installation costs. These systems are easy to configure and modify. When expanding or moving a shop, the piping can be disassembled and reassembled to meet the requirements.


For the home hobbyist, Transair offers the Transair Auto Kit. Ask one your local Transair representative for more information.

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