Ensure a safe, reliable supply of fresh water

Parker offers compact watermakers that are easy to install, maintain, and operate, making them a perfect solution for small power boats and sail boats.

Save Money, Increase Leisure Time

Whether you use it to drink, for cooking, to shower, for washing clothing or dishes, or to wash down your yacht, using a Parker reverse osmosis (R.O.) watermaker system will offer more than enough potable water for any crew, big or small. Having a watermaker on board will provide unlimited possibilities for saving money, and increasing leisure time. Learn more about Parker watermakers for the leisure market.

Village Marine Watermakers

The Seafari Versatile Watermaker's space saving design provides easy access for maintenance. Able to produce 450-1,800 GPD (1,700-6,800 LPD) with noise reduction features makes this a great desalinator choice for weekend fishing or blue water cruising.
Seafari Versatile Series
The Village Marine Little Wonder Modular Series Watermaker is the preferred choice for boaters who require small low power watermakers. Simple to install, easy to operate, and able to produce up to 145 GPD, this is an ideal desalinator for sail boats.
Little Wonder Series
The Village Marine H2O-PRO unit provides fresh water from any water source, including seawater. The H2O-PRO will process 25 gallons per hour from 24 VDC or 120 VAC power.
The LTM Series Watermaker is compact and with a modular configuration offering completely flexible installation. Producing between 400-1,800 GPD, this desalinator is ideal for power boats, sailboats, and small-to-mid-sized commercial vessel applications.
LTM Series Watermaker for the Leisure Market
The new water purification system in a “Jerry Can” sized box. Parker - Village Marine WJC units provide fresh water filtration that is truly portable and independent. The WJC-30 will process 114 liters per hour (30 gallons per hour) from 12 volt vehicle auxiliary power. Optional lightweight folding solar power version is available for water production from sunlight. Water treatment includes 5 micron sediment filtration, carbon filtration, ultrafiltration membranes, and an ultraviolet sterilizer.
The Pure Water (PW) Series provides installation flexibility, superior performance, and extended service life in the most rugged conditions. Parker designed this unit for 24/7, continuous-duty applications, where reliable fresh water supply is critical. The fully framed unit is standard, however semi-modular and fully modular versions are also available.
Pure Water Series

Sea Recovery Watermakers

The Aqua Whisper Pro Watermaker is suited for charter, offshore fishing, and ocean cruising. Its traditional manual functions and touch-pad control panel allows simple operation and digital + analog instrumentation for redundancy. Parker engineered the Aqua Whisper Pro’s high pressure pump to be quieter than conventional high pressure pumps, operating for 2,500 hours before requiring any maintenance.
Aqua Whisper PRO Series
The Sea Recovery Aqua Matic produces up to 450-1,800 GPD without the need for an operator. It features a touchscreen control panel that allows for automatic simple touch-and-go operations. Parker designed this desalinator to maximize both the boater's needs and convenience, allowing more time to relax and enjoy the cruise.
Aqua Matic Series
Specialized for demanding ultra-pure and clean potable water, the AquaMatic DP is smaller than the average sized high capacity water system. This large capacity model produces up to 3,400 gallons (12,870 liters) of pure water per day, making it ideal for large boats to mega yachts over 80 feet (24 meters). The Aquamatic DP's new advanced full color touch screen controller allows complete automation with one touch and is easy to use.
Aqua Matic Dual Pass Series
Get commercial-size water capacity without the need of extra maintenance and large space. With its unique fully automatic operation and unlimited remote control options, the Aqua Matic XL can be completely and confidently operated from just anywhere. Ideal in all applications including workboat, mega yachts, support vessels, sport fish, charter and diving/cruising boats. Perfect for any vessel where large quantities of water are needed quickly and easily.
Aqua Matic XL Series
The low-hassle ProMini is engineered to fit anywhere. Measuring at about 2 - 3 cubic feet, sail and small power boaters have the opportunity and the convenience of a Sea Recovery watermaker without space restrictions. Featuring a simple interface, the ProMini can be monitored via the control panel or remote (optional). The ProMini can produce up to 7, 15, 23, or 31 gallons of fresh water per hour and is the perfect seaworthy companion for the solo cruiser.
The UltroClear DF works with the RO system to convert sea water to double purified water. Its reliable piping connection allows direct feed that activates an automatic operation, and produces spot-free water when water is directly fed into the system. Ultra-pure water is 99% free of water solids. Perfect for rinsing hulls, windows, and extends the life of your boating equipment. It gently lifts debris and dries spot-free.
UltROclear Series
The Dockside UltRO Clear is ideal for spot free rinsing and cleaning of boat interiors and exteriors. Enjoy the benefits of having purified water to drink as ultra pure water is 99% free of all water solids. This unit is perfect for rinsing hulls, windows, glass shower enclosures, stainless steel, and more.
Dockside UltROclear Series


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