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Discover more about how Parker is seen as a trusted adviser by many of today's leading end user operators in the upstream oil and gas industry and how the company is helping to develop technology for their upstream processes. From subsea applications to topside drilling, Parker is on hand to ensure the upstream applications are working at optimum efficiency.  

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    Hydraulic Power Unit

    The Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) system delivers low and high pressure filtered hydraulic fluid to topside and subsea control valves.
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    Topside Umbilical Termination Units

    A Topside Umbilical Termination Unit (TUTU) is a stand alone module which interfaces the HPU, MCS and EPU to the SDU via hydraulic / electrical power and signal and fibre optic communications.
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    Wellhead Trees

    The primary purpose of a wellhead is to provide the suspension point and pressure seals for the casing strings that run from the bottom of the hole sections to the surface pressure control equipment.
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