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Front End Processing

Front end processes involve the management of the outputs from either natural gas processing or petroleum refining to produce petrochemical intermediate feedstock's (olefins and aromatics) such as Methane, Ethylene, Propylene, Benzene, Butadiene, Toluene and Xylenes. Most of these chemicals are produced by a process called cracking (either steam or catalytic). These production facilities require a great deal of instrumentation to measure pressure, flow and temperature. Parker’s range of products are specifically designed to connect these processes to the instrumentation, eliminating any potential leak paths

Case Study

  • Two valve manifolds are one of the most commonly used types of small-bore valves used in front end processing in chemical and petrochemical applications. The manifold's two ball valves are typically used to provide isolation and bleed/vent functions for an instrument or gauge - to provide a safe means of allowing work on the instrument such as calibration, maintenance or replacement.

    The solution
    Although the application is commonplace, a choice of 2-valve manifold style, materials and connections, is very important.

    Depending on the physical layout of the application environment, small variations of the manifold's form factor can make a big difference to usability and ergonomics - as well as installation. Parker's remote mount H Series 2 valve manifolds are available in five basic body styles, with valves positioned on opposite edges, in a right-angle arrangement with one valve on the front face and one on the side (as shown in the image with the manifolds mounted on a panel and the isolation valve facing the user - colour-coded blue), or with both valves on the front face.

    Connection options are another important selection criteria. The image shows manifolds fitted with integral A-LOK two ferrule compression fittings. Other choices in the H Series include NPT, BSPT and BSPP. Materials are usually selected according to process media and application temperatures.

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