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Parker has over 60 years of experience in supporting on vehicle applications in construction, agriculture, mining, bus, truck and rail markets with reliable motion and control technologies. Our market focused teams understand customer demands and deliver innovative products and solutions globally that improve performance, vehicle life, reduce weight and size, and are environmentally focused to help customers meet emissions legislations and green initiatives. 

Parker’s hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical, filtration, and fluid and gas handling technologies are designed specifically to meet mobile customer needs with environmentally rugged products that operate in harsh conditions including temperature extremes, shock and vibration, and corrosion resistance.  Parker can custom design products to specific customer needs, and combine multiple products into systems that reduce customer’s engineering time, assembly time, purchasing and logistics costs.


  • Hydraulic Hybrid Drivetrain
  • Runwise Advanced Series
  • How Parker's RunWise® Works
  • Electric Hybrid System
  • Parker's TyreSaver®
Hydraulic Hybrid Drivetrain


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Market Brochure

Latin American Headquarter
Parker Hannifin Ind. Com. Ltda
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