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Safety First.

Parker believes that the safety of people and property is of paramount importance. To that end, Parker designs, engineers and manufactures its products to the highest standards. Wherever mandated, Parker complies with all industry standards and regulations. Additionally Parker products are both lab and field tested to ensure product integrity and safety.

Parker’s commitment to safety goes well beyond the product. Parker is the recognized industry leader in product training that includes hydraulic, pneumatic and fluid connector technologies. Parker supports major safety initiatives including SafetyWorks and the Circle of Safety.


Customer Driven Solutions

Parker is in the “solutions business,” offering our mining customers the widest array of solutions and services available. Customers can be assured that no one knows surface or underground mining like Parker’s staff of highly qualified application and design engineers, innovation teams, and our systems-solutions specialists. By partnering with Parker, our customers can reduce their number of vendors without compromising integrity. And buying from a single source saves both time and money while enabling easier ordering and faster delivery.


Less Downtime and Increased Throughput

At the end of the day, Parker’s contribution to the mining industry is measured by the success and profitability of its customers. In short, in order for Parker’s mining customers to be successful, Parker must deliver solutions that cut directly to the customer’s bottom line.

That means products and service have to work longer, produce more output with less downtime, be more efficient and save energy while being ever mindful of the environment.


  • Diamond Seal Technology
  • Leader in Gas Generation
  • Nitrogen Gas Generators
  • Parker Tracking System
  • Parker Service Master Plus
Diamond Seal Technology


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Market Brochure

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