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Surgical Robotics

Automated or robotic assisted surgical devices are enhancing existing techniques and opening new opportunities to provide surgeons with greater visibility, dexterity, precision, and comfort, which leads to improved patient outcomes.

A key to surgical robotics is the precision control and coordination of multiple axes of motion along with optical feedback and other instrumentation. 

Parker’s high quality motion controllers, servo drives, servo motors, and positioners integrate together to provide dynamic solutions. Core technologies, along with our ability to customize our technologies to meet the demanding space constraints of these unique applications, make Parker the ideal partner in this challenging environment.

Parker offers a full range of kit-style rotary and linear servo motors that are the ideal building blocks to meet the conflicting demands for compactness, high torque, high stiffness, and patient-ready reliability. With integrated drives, controls, and positioning, the OEM can build an instrument with optimized motion solution. 

With a quality system built on the foundation of Advanced Product Quality Planning, a production system prepared to scale to the most aggressive OEM quantities, and a strong global support network, Parker is prepared to be a value added partner for the entire life cycle of the surgical robot.

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