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Diagnostic Imaging

Advanced systems for In Vivo imaging require the highest motion precision and need to guarantee patient safety.

Lack of system accuracy can cause poor image quality that can make interpretation difficult and result in the need for additional testing. CT scanners and MRI machines require precise motion control for very high inertial loads at very high speeds.

Precision and speed of the motion system can make the difference between an accurate diagnosis and poor image quality.

Parker’s Motion Controllers, Servo Drives, and Servo Motors provide the ability to design the ideal acceleration, torque and precision for this high moment of inertia application, enabling the most accurate and detailed images possible.

OEMs of advanced imaging systems can partner with Parker’s expert staff of motion engineers to benefit from the optimum component selection and to consult on the overall system design. Parker's products and systems are offered in “Selectable Levels of Integration," an approach that enables a perfect-fit solution based on how complete a solution is required.

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