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Motion Systems Division Korea

Motion Systems Division Korea - Markets

Automation Solutions

At Parker, we know your markets and take the time to understand your challenges. When it comes to solving those challenges, we bring deep engineering expertise and an unmatched breadth and depth of motion and control technologies, products, and solutions. The result is a partnership that can positively impact your productivity and profitability.


Automation serves many markets ranging from general industrial automation to transportation and electric vehicles, as well as life science and renewable energy.Our capabilities include the development of subsystems that easily can be deployed within your existing product line or custom developed to your specifications in a new design.


To learn more Parker featured markets, please click the pictures listed below on Energy Grid Tie, Process Control, Life Science, Food & Baverage, Truck, and Hybrid Electric Vehicle.

Food & Beverage / Life Science

  • Food & Beverage
  • Food & Beverage Interactive
  • Life Science
  • Life Science Interactive
Food & Beverage

Truck / HEV

  • Truck
  • HEV
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    Energy Grid Tie

    Parker is an industry leading manufacturer of utility scale grid tie inverters used in energy storage power conversion systems.At Parker, we engineer solutions wherever there is a need for highly efficient power conversion, for a better way to harvest renewable energy, to improve grid stability, or to reduce transmission and distribution expenses.
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    Food & Beverage

    Parker's food and beverage team helps customers with everything from IP69K and hygienic solutions to standard servo motors, structural guarding and framing and more.
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    Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

    Parker Hannifin designs and manufactures a broad array of hybrid and electric vehicle drivetrain motors and inverters with maximum power density, highest efficiency, and broad scalability.
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    Life Science

    Parker Hannifin develops integrated systems, subsystems and components used in instruments and devices for Medical Technologies, Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals.
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    Process Control

    Parker Fluid Controls has been a leading player in the Process and Oil and Gas industry with offerings of robust solenoid valves for over 60 year. Parker provides continuous research and development that brings innovative solutions to the marketplace. The expertise accumulated and developed through the years is evident in the superior quality of our solutions.
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    From Tractors and Trailers to Vocational Vehicles, Parker solutions have helped global customers improve reliability, minimize maintenance costs, improve fuel efficency, reduce vehicle weight and decrease emissions.
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Parker Automation Korea

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Ph: +82-31-379-2332

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