Global Leader in Motion and Control Technologies

For 100 years the company has engineered the success of its customers in a wide range of diversified industrial and aerospace markets.



Parker Hannifin is a Fortune 250 global leader in motion and control technologies. For 100 years the company has engineered the success of its customers in a wide range of diversified industrial and aerospace markets.
Spanning the core motion and control technologies, Parker is helping customers be more productive and profitable.
The history of Parker is an interesting account of the transformation of technology over a period of 100 years.
A disciplined and consistent strategy, the Win Strategy has transformed the company and improved operations worldwide.


The engineering in our products may not be visible, but every day you experience the results of our work on virtually everything that moves.
6 Hoses, 2 Fittings and 1 Solution. The new Parker GlobalCore™ stands above the competition and serves customers around the world. It allows OEMs to specify a single family of hydraulic hoses for machinery operated anywhere in the world, enable them to further simplify their inventory challenges. These are unique benefits that OEMs and end users around the globe are finding can give them a revolutionary advantage over the competition.
PTS is a tagging and tracking solution to store, access and monitor critical asset information. Real-time access to this data enables a process known as reliability-centered maintenance by scanning for key metrics that could indicate a potential future issue and enabling technicians to perform maintenance on a piece of equipment before it fails.
Parker is working with ORACLE TEAM USA, the defending champion of the America's Cup, to design and implement hydraulic control systems on its America's Cup racing yachts.
Whether a residential, commercial or industrial facility, Parker's SMART Service Tools enable technicians to quickly and easily increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption.


Parker technologies are critical to safeguarding the environment by helping to address the world’s need for clean and efficient energy generation.
The breadth and scope of Parker's technological expertise allows us to have a meaningful impact on the world around us.
Parker is at the forefront of efforts to enable the development and commercialization of every renewable energy platform in the world. Partnering closely with our customers, we supply the engineering expertise and global supply base they desire. Newer advancements across many traditional energy platforms, are enabling these sources to become more energy efficient, providing perhaps an even greater opportunity for Parker technologies to make the world a better place.
Parker is committed to concept of continuous improvement in environmental performance.


Hydraulics is the technology of controlling pressurized fluids to create force and motion. Parker hydraulics enable and improve machinery performance.
Filtration offers system solutions for the removal of contamination from liquids and gases, ensuring optimal performance for many applications and markets including industrial, food / beverage, bioprocessing, pharmaceutical, mobile, marine, and aerospace.
The Fluid Connectors Group, the leader in "dry technology" for the fluid power industry, is your single source for high-quality tube fittings, hose and hose fittings, thermoplastic tubing, brass fittings and valves, quick-disconnect couplings and assembly tools.
Electromechanical is the technology of controlling mechanical devices via electricity. Parker electromechanical systems and components improve precision and increase productivity.Pneumatics is the technology of controlling pressurized gases to create force and motion. Parker Pneumatics enable and improve machinery performance.


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