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Hydraulic Cylinder & Rotary Actuators Solutions

For more than 100 years, Parker has been providing the world’s broadest range of standard and custom-engineered hydraulic, pneumatic, electro-hydraulic and electric cylinders to meet the needs of the most demanding applications including offshore drilling, steel mills, and machine tools. Our cylinders come in a wide range of construction types, ranging from compact to motorized electric actuators to heavy-duty hydraulic designs. Parker offers technologically-advanced market solutions with a cylinder configurator allowing users to design a cylinder and download CAD drawings, quoting tools, fast shipping programs, Helac helical hydraulic rotary actuators for high performance machinery demands and even machine attachments solutions with PowerTilt tiling couplers.

Cylinder Division - Solutions

Three-Day Shipping Program

At Parker, we realize that we can't put your operations on hold while you wait on an overdue product. Our goal is to minimize your downtime by delivering your cylinder as quickly as possible. That's why we now offer three-day shipping for standard NFPA tie rod hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. With Parker’s regional manufacturing breadth, additional flexibility is given to customers located throughout the United States by allowing order receipt until 3:00 p.m. across all U.S. time zones.

Parker's three-day shipping program includes key cylinder features and options that are most frequently used in the markets we serve. Our customers will find more options in our program than any other cylinder shipping program in the industry. Other shipping programs include our Parker Cooler Rapid Ship Program and Parker Canada Delivery Program.

Parker 3-day Cylinder Shipping Program.

3D Cylinder Configurator with CAD

Parker’s 3D cylinder configurator allows users to design a cylinder, create model codes, download CAD drawings and request pricing for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders including tie rod, compact, valve actuator, and roundline cylinders. Our native CAD files let you manipulate the moving parts of any of our pneumatic or hydraulic heavy-duty cylinders. You can watch the cylinder’s rod extend and retract in the CAD design software so you can adjust your cylinder model to take advantage of its precise motion constraints and its dimensions in various positions.

Parker’s cylinder configurator allows users to download the exact product model needed — reducing time, complexity, effort, and error — while increasing accuracy, ease of use, speed of configuration and delivery, and productivity during a cylinder design and specification process.

Parker 3D Cylinder Configurator and Design Software.

Cylinder Quote Tool

Our engineering team and manufacturing process is known within the industry as providing the highest quality cylinder solutions and product advancements. No matter the cylinder, our engineering expertise is unmatched in terms of breadth and depth of knowledge. Whether you need a new design or custom modification, an inspection, rebuild or repair Parker has the specialized people and equipment to deliver on all your cylinder needs.

From prototype development and testing, to finalized designs that meet the high-volume production demands of large OEM manufacturers, Parker is there to provide proven cylinder solutions.   By utilizing our online quote request tool, we can quickly provide you with a customized quote. This easy to follow guide takes you step-by-step through all the information you'll need to complete your cylinder quotation request.

Parker Cylinder Quoting Tool.

What is a Helac Hydraulic Rotary Actuator?

The Cylinder Division specializes in the design, production and development of helical hydraulic rotary actuators for the worldwide mobile hydraulics market. Helac rotary actuators are unique in their inherent load bearing capacity, extreme shock resistance and rugged durability, providing cost effective solutions for a broad range of applications that demand high performance. The L-Series actuators are designed for applications that require high load bearing capacity. The T-Series actuators are ideal for applications where torque generation and higher cycle rates are the primary requirements.

Parker Helac Hydraulic Rotary Actuators Solutions.

Helac Hydraulic Rotary Actuator Quote Request Form

Parker’s new Helac helical hydraulic rotary actuator quote request form enables Parker engineers to size and quote the best rotary actuator for your application. Helac rotary actuators are designed to replace multiple components and function as a rotating device, mounting bracket and bearing all-in-one. Commonly used in agriculture, construction, energy, marine, material handling, military, mining, and waste/recycling, industries across the world Helac rotary actuators offer high power density in a compact package with zero leakage and high shock resistance.

Parker Helac Hydraulic Rotary Actuator Quote Request Form.

What is a PowerTilt® Tilting Coupler?

The Helac PowerTilt® tilting coupler gives you the ability to position your bucket up to 180 degrees instead of moving the entire machine. Whether your jobsite requires site development, setting underground utilities, or clearing ditches, the PowerTilt® tilting coupler is a versatile tool for multiple attachments and will increase your productivity over 50%. PowerTilt also increases your machine's versatility and precision of your cut. Available for equipment up to 75,000 lbs in eight sizes with standard rotation of up to 180 degrees, each Helac PowerTilt model is designed for a specific class of machinery and individually customized to fit the carrier and the requirements of the specific application. 

Parker Helac Power Tilt tilting coupler for machine attachments.