Parker Prädifa offers the sealing materials that are compatible with media used in aerospace applications such as MIL-H-5606, MIL-PRF-8328 or MIL-PRF-87257. Our manufacturing sites are certified according to EN 9100 and ISO/TS 16949.

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Sealing systems used in aerospace technology applications are exposed to particularly challenging ambient influences such as extreme temperature fluctuations and aggressive pressure media.
However, major temperature fluctuations and aggressive media cause sealing materials to age faster than those used in conventional applications, resulting in impaired seal performance. Consequently, these application conditions and special mating surfaces require sealing systems that meet the required range of performance at high levels of reliability.

Based on decades-long experience in the fields of materials development, product design and manufacturing technology, Parker Prädifa offers an extensive portfolio of high-performance sealing materials and sealing systems for aerospace technology. Our project and development engineers will support you from the initial product idea through to production launch.


The automotive industry makes particularly exacting demands on its suppliers. Constant pressures to innovate, for instance due to new legal requirements and changing customer wishes paired with the highest quality requirements and high cost pressures, result in a challenging field in which Parker Prädifa has been successfully operating for decades.

Numerous Parker products have proven their viability in practically all production vehicles around the globe in a great diversity of applications ranging from fuel tanks to sun roofs. Experienced project and development engineers support our customers from the initial product idea through to production launch. Please contact us concerning your special requirements.


The Parker Engineered Materials Group offers customized single-use fluidic handling, storage and transportation systems designed and manufactured with a focus on maximum leakage and contamination protection.

Consumer Goods

Technical consumer goods or those featuring technical functions extend from consumer electronics to smaller and larger domestic appliances through to furniture, etc. In view of constantly growing demands for convenience, everyday items are frequently equipped with a whole host of technical components such as drive units, bearings, springs, closure systems and so on. These components require sealing solutions ensuring reliable performance, ease of use and long life, etc. A well-known and wide-spread example of convenience systems in consumer goods is gas springs used in office chairs for example as well as in bed drawers, tailgates of cars, etc.

For these and many other technical components in diverse consumer goods, Parker Prädifa offers proven sealing and polymeric system solutions and is an expert development partner also for new, innovative solutions. 

Chemical Process Industry

Parker Prädifa is a leading manufacturer of sealing solutions for the chemical industry, the food and beverage industry, and the pharmaceutical industry.

General Industry

Parker Prädifa offers a comprehensive portfolio of product solutions and services for drive technology, gearboxes, motors, machine tools and processing machines, automation, measurement and control technology and many other industries. The requirements for sealing solutions and engineered polymer components are as diverse as the range of applications. Parker Prädifa not only offers a broad range of standard sealing solutions, but is also an expert devlopment partner for new and innovative solutions tailored to the respective requirments.

Oil and Gas

Parker is a leading supplier of advanced sealing solutions to the global Oil and Gas industry, offering a wide range of sealing solutions, services and sealing materials meeting the requirements and specific standards of the industry.


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